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Pakistan Taekwondo Federation’s journey started way back In the early 1960s when the “Original Masters of Taekwondo” were assigned the honorable task to spread the art and passion for the sport across the globe.

These Korean Masters brought Taekwondo to Pakistan, the land of the pure, with the help of the Korean Embassy and it grabbed the imagination of budding players in the great metropolises of Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad.

Over time and with the relentless determination of martial art lovers the sport has now taken firm roots throughout the country. PTF was registered with WTF / ATU in 1977 and earned membership with POA and PSB in 1980. The contributions of the late Prof. Anwar Ch. and present patron in chief Mr. A. Q. Raja must be lauded. Their contributions to the cause of Taekwondo have been exemplary.