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The objectives of the Pakistan Taekwondo Federation shall be:


  • To maintain general control of Taekwondo in Pakistan particularly with reference to the rules and regulations for the conduct of the game.
  • The Committees and Sub-Committee which would establish through the approval of General Body shall be called the Constitutional Committee. It is the obligation of the Federation to strengthen and promote the said Committee on priority basis.
  • The PTF seeks the ideas, swiftly, powerfully, through the medium of Taekwondo Competition and other activities. The PTF maintains its independence and autonomy in the administration of the sport of taekwondo in its member Association and services Departments.
  • All the member Associations and individuals shall be equal before the PTF Rules, and shall be free from any of prejudices on grounds of race, gender, politics, religion, or otherwise.
  • The PTF shall consult with and integrate the best practices and models of the POA, WTF and IOC etc and other organization with regard to the administration of the sport of taekwondo.
  • The Rules and Regulations of the PTF, hereinafter known as the “PTF Rules” is the fundamental and universal document upon which the administration of the sport of taekwondo is based. It is intended to be specific enough to achieve complete harmonization on the issues where uniformity is required.
  • The PTF shall observe the general and fundamental principles of the Olympic Charter and propagate the Olympic Movement through the sport of Taekwondo in accordance with the Olympic Charter.
  • To coordinate activities in respect of Taekwondo in all ways including the holding of Tournaments and organizing National and International Competitions under the rules of the World Taekwondo Federation.
  • To collect funds for the Federation and employ the same in such a manner as may be considered desirable for the objects of the Federation.
  • To promote mutual respect among affiliated Association and Units/Departments in their relations and also the reciprocal recognition of penalties and suspensions.
  • To keep aloof the sport of Taekwondo from politics, sectarianism, groupings, and intrigues particularly amongst members, players and officials of Pakistan Taekwondo Federation or any of its affiliated club/association/ Institution.
  • To purchase, take lease of or hire or acquire any moveable or immovable property or rights necessary o convenient for the purpose of Pakistan Taekwondo Federation. The PTF shall fully empower to do and observe all the matters within the ambit of its jurisdiction.