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Our Origin

In the early 1960s “Original Masters of Taekwondo” were assigned a task for the promotion of Taekwondo in all over the world. In continuation of same diaspora the art was introduced in Pakistan with the help of Korean masters and The Korean Embassy. Initially it has taken a start in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad but with passage of time and with tireless efforts, determination and dedication of martial arts lovers now it is proliferated all over the country. PTF registered with WTF / ATU in 1977 and got the membership with POA and PSB in 1980. The services of late Prof. Anwar Ch. and present patron in chief Mr. A. Q. Raja must also be highlighted for their gracious contribution towards the development and promotion of Taekwondo in the country.

Recent History

From last decade, under the new administration of Pakistan Taekwondo Federation, better management, improved governance, rigorous coaching and enthusiastic players, has been very generous contributors to the overall development and progress of Taekwondo in Pakistan. National team has participated in many international events and every event has been learning experience and an opening to new doors of success and prosperity. President Pakistan Taekwondo Federation Lt. Col. Waseem Ahmad Janjua is extremely grateful to their presidents/secretaries of affiliated units for their untiring support and cooperation.